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Full Service

Chartreuse Communications offers a full range of public relations and marketing support, with the goal of serving more as an in-house PR & marketing team than an outside agency.

Strategic Brand Development

  • Identify the heart of a brand and develop strategies, programs and materials that effectively communicate its core messages and most newsworthy aspects
  • Deliver full scale branding, from streamlining key messaging and managing art direction to participating in product development and long-term visioning
  • Develop and extend a brand’s voice through original, attention-grabbing copy
  • Research and cultivate brand-enhancing and newsworthy partnerships and/or spokespeople with compatible businesses, charitable organizations and/or individuals
  • Proactively cultivate timely, newsworthy pitches based on company developments as well as emerging cultural trends

Compelling Marketing Campaigns

  • Develop effective, compelling and innovative story-telling campaign concepts to bolster authenticity, build awareness and support media interest
  • Create relationships with complimentary brands for cross marketing initiatives
  • Drive peer to peer brand-sharing experiences & viral marketing through incentives, contests, give-backs, and story development
  • Execute marketing initiatives from start the finish with attention to detail, organization & professionalism

Exceptional Media Relations

  • Track and update media databases across a broad spectrum of categories/outlets
  • Maintain and cultivate ongoing personal relationships with key media, through impeccable and timely service, ensuring a standard of mutual trust and respect
  • Successfully execute new product and initiative launches through strategic media outreach, resulting in widespread media coverage
  • Consistently work to deliver quality national and regional editorial placements across a range of mediums (long- and short-lead print, broadcast and online)
  • Arrange short-term partnerships with media outlets for special reader/viewer promotions
  • Support client Personal Appearances and sales efforts with retail partners in local markets

Additional Services

  • Conduct outreach to appropriate celebrities on behalf of clients to engender celebrity users
  • Provide and/or coordinate client media training for brand principals
  • Evaluate charitable gifting and paid marketing opportunities, offering counsel on which would be most advantageous
  • Provide outreach for product placement in television, web-based and film productions
  • Support development of social media networks to build a direct outreach audience and community

Client Relations

  • Maintain constant client communication and regular availability
  • Listen and respond to all concerns, questions and ideas with constructive feedback and honest opinions based on our experience balanced with the client’s goals
  • Track media coverage from all outlets and provide regular reports on outreach, confirmed and pending placements, and activities on client’s behalf
  • Protect client confidentiality and proprietary rights and interests at all levels of communications and outreach