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Who We Are

Aysia Wright, Agent- Environmental advocacy has long been second nature to Aysia, from her fledgling activist days in high-school, leading to a B.A. in Environmental Science, a J.D. focused on environmental law and policy coupled with supporting several environmental non-profits early on. While these exploits were certainly rewarding and rounded out her knowledge of the most pressing environmental concerns, she soon learned the efficacy of stepping off the soapbox and into the marketplace to get the message across.

In 2004, Aysia Wright founded The Greenloop with the goal of using fashion as a vehicle for market-based environmental advocacy, conveying the message that style and sustainable living are not mutually exclusive.  During the operation of Greenloop, Aysia successfully gained media coverage in numerous publications in the business, fashion, lifestyle and green living sectors.  In 2009, Aysia launched Project Green Search, a campaign aimed at inspiring people to align their careers with their environmental and social ethics, which was met with enthusiasm by the press and public alike.  Through these experiences, Aysia has learned how to successfully brand companies, products and events in the green space, and to communicate savvy, relevant, eco-minded messages to the press, resulting in a long list of media credits in both green lifestyle and mainstream media outlets.

Nikki Gersten McAvity, Founder & Advisor– Founder Nikki Gersten McAvity’s reputation is unparalleled and clients reap the benefits of her long-term media relationships.  Nikki enjoyed a highly successful start to her career in New York, beginning in 1990 at Estee Lauder, later to be made Communications Director for Prescriptives Worldwide, then opening her own firm, Shop PR in 1998, which she later sold to Manhattan firm Lippe Taylor.  Following a move to beautiful Portland, Oregon, Nikki became interested in living a green lifestyle and realized that she was in a position to make a positive impact on the burgeoning green community.  She opened the doors to Chartreuse PR with the goal of bringing the spotlight to companies with a strong focus on sustainable style, serving leaders in the green space, such as John Masters Organics, Pacifica, and Collective Wellbeing, along with burgeoning sustainable brands like Toby Pomeroy jewelry.  Nikki is now the Communications Director for former client, Pacifica, and only serving in an advisory capacity for Chartreuse PR.